Today I had to be at work at 745 to do liquor inventory, since I didn't work the night shift last night to do it. I figured I'd be in for like 90 minutes to knock it out, then home to bed before my 3pm shift. I didn't realize I was going to learn to take the liquor order today. I would've eaten breakfast if I had known. I was done at 11. After buying a bagel & trying to go to sleep, I finally managed to around 1215. Back up at 130. Into work at 245 for the 3p monday meeting. We're supposed to be on the watch for our regional manager to come in. My boss' boss. Mondays have been slow lately, with school back in session & everything. So I was just a little nervous since it was the first time my shift has ever been watched over by a higher-up. Well, today we were slammed. SLAMMED. There was a solid two hours that I was cluster-fucked, stuck in the window with a sea of tickets and no floor support. I got through it. Everyone said I did well. I don't know if I agree. The regional showed up right in the middle of it. Right in the crunchiest of crunch times. It was nerve-wracking. He was nice to me. Friendly. Not so much to my boss on the phone afterwards. I'm sure I'll get the lowdown tomorrow. After my nerves settled, I was able to get right down to my paperwork when we closed. Usually I'm done & out by midnight. Tonight I was done by 1115p. Except the cooks were dragged ass tonight. Since I have to wait for them to finish before I can go, I was there til 1215a. Now I'm home. Beer in hand. Getting close to doing my best Towlie impression. The title of this post is how many hours I worked today. Twelve and a half. At least my OT rate is solid. And I'll get a lot of it, with my 9 days in a row, starting wednesday. I've got tomorrow off, then solid work until thursday night. Then two days off.

And with those two days off, I'm thinking of going out of town. Someplace I can drive to in less than 4 hours. Someplace that will cost not-a-lot. Someplace where not doing anything is perfectly acceptable. That rules out Vegas. I'm thinking San Diego or Santa Barbara, but there's got to be something else out there. If anyone has any ideas, I'd love to hear 'em.

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