Living in fear of "Zack*"

I finished World War Z today. I'm only slightly ashamed to admit that I now live in fear of a zombie plague infecting Earth. I wish I was joking. Eric's fueling the fire over IM as we speak. Last night, driving to Anaheim/Yorba Linda for my lessons, I kept looking around and thinking "ok, if it happened right now, what could I do to get safe, ASAP? In your car, you're fucked, because they either get you while you're buckled in, or you starve to death because you can't get out, because zombies are right fucking there, trying to eat your ass. I need to get a sword. A real one. None of this fake stamped crap I already own. I need something that can cleave zombie brains in half (that's the only way to kill 'em, you know). The little bit of sword skill I've learned in Aikido has made me confident in my ability. I found battle-ready katanas online. I like this one. Also, I need to learn how to grow a sustainable garden. I'm gonna have to eat, you know. And, I need a house on stilts. And a gun. With unlimited ammo and night vision.

*'Zack' is, in the book, the military code name for zombies.


DavePress said...

i have gotta read this book. I keep putting it off.

barb said...

i've gotta not read this book. must continue to put it off.