Unfocused thoughts...

I'm so tired. It's 230a, and I've just finished my laundry. Last night was a late night. Tuesday night, I didn't sleep at all, save a combined total of 90 intermittent minutes (I'm not complaining, mind you). Got hurt in Aikido on Wednesday, but not bad. Enough to be uncomfortable. Tuesday night was lame at work, but Wednesday and tonight were aces. Last night (Thursday), we played cards in LB. The first game was over at 1 or so. I didn't win. The second game ended up to be fruitless for everyone involved. I didn't end up getting home until 4, thanks to scotch, a spliff, and a closed Southbound 405 freeway... Those three things didn't all happen at the same time.

Tonight was a bartender's last night at work. I hate to see him go. He's moving to Texas with his family & gonna head to another Z. I didn't get out til 115 tonight. Beverage in tow, I get home, then laundry. Now I want to go to sleep, and there's two parties happening, I think. One to my right and one to my left. I've got *talktalktalk* in the left ear, and *bumpbumpbump* in the right (from the bass, you see). I just want to fucking go to sleep. I'm putting Oysterhead on soon. Hopefully that'll do the trick.

Oh, I got a haircut today, btw.



Those in Southern California know how bad it is right now, but for those out of the area, Brush fires are raging from Malibu to Santa Clarita, south to Arrowhead, and east to San Diego. The worst fires in CA history. The air quality is hazardous. 513,000 people have been asked to evacuate their homes. Qualcomm Stadium is full of evacuees. Everyone here is affected by this in some way. Schools are being closed due to smoke and ash. My friend Adam (of the Tyrants) has 3 houses of people coming to live with him. My new girl, Dawn, might be evacuated from her place in San Clemente. I've got CNN on now, and I'm seeing a WALL of flame literally 20 yards from a home in Running Springs, CA, and a helicopter attempting to douse them. It's intense, it's awful. All I want to do is watch the news, but I have to get to work and work my day job, which seems extremely pointless with so many people in need right now.



Found this courtesy of Kyle's blog.

How's your own personal lexicon?

FreeRice.com donates 10 grains of rice to a hungry person (through international aid) for every word you guess right. Not sure what I mean? Just click the link and try. It's for a good cause.

I think I'm done playing for the night, but I've guessed enough words right to donate 2400 grains of rice, and I've attained a vocab level of 38. I also know that chromaticity means hue. Have fun, kids.


So much has happened since my last blog...

I last blogged on the 2nd. It's now the 15th. I've been busy, it seems. 3 days after my last blog (Friday, 10/5), I was promoted again in Aikido. I went from one stripe on my blue belt to two. That made me the same rank as Ryan(!) for all of 3 days, until he tested and received his 3rd stripe. Ryan's also 8 months ahead of me in practice. Of course, he's miles ahead of me as an Aikidoka, but at least I'm closing ground. Work's been good. We got a new general manager. He's working so much, tho, that my hours are getting cut back ever so slightly, so it looks like I'll be picking up a shift or two during the week. Chances are, if you pick a random day to come in, there'll be a 6 in 7 chance you'll catch me. That's 85.7%. Also, I find a lot of my free time being spent with a wonderful new young lady. I'm not going to go into great detail (yet), but if you ask my close personal friend, the Magic 8 Ball, if things look good, he'd say "It is decidedly so."


Chalk it up to being tired. Or... my new fear of zombies.

That seems to be a good excuse lately. Tonight was supposed to be the final send off for my boss. I was delegated to round up everyone and get back to my boss with a head count, of sorts. Instead, I ate Wahoo's, drank some beer and passed out on the couch for 2-3 hours. I watched a bunch of Comedy Central, and Dexter on DVD (thanks, Chris). Tomorrow, a small load of laundry awaits me before work. Maybe some food shopping. Exciting.