Those in Southern California know how bad it is right now, but for those out of the area, Brush fires are raging from Malibu to Santa Clarita, south to Arrowhead, and east to San Diego. The worst fires in CA history. The air quality is hazardous. 513,000 people have been asked to evacuate their homes. Qualcomm Stadium is full of evacuees. Everyone here is affected by this in some way. Schools are being closed due to smoke and ash. My friend Adam (of the Tyrants) has 3 houses of people coming to live with him. My new girl, Dawn, might be evacuated from her place in San Clemente. I've got CNN on now, and I'm seeing a WALL of flame literally 20 yards from a home in Running Springs, CA, and a helicopter attempting to douse them. It's intense, it's awful. All I want to do is watch the news, but I have to get to work and work my day job, which seems extremely pointless with so many people in need right now.

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