So much has happened since my last blog...

I last blogged on the 2nd. It's now the 15th. I've been busy, it seems. 3 days after my last blog (Friday, 10/5), I was promoted again in Aikido. I went from one stripe on my blue belt to two. That made me the same rank as Ryan(!) for all of 3 days, until he tested and received his 3rd stripe. Ryan's also 8 months ahead of me in practice. Of course, he's miles ahead of me as an Aikidoka, but at least I'm closing ground. Work's been good. We got a new general manager. He's working so much, tho, that my hours are getting cut back ever so slightly, so it looks like I'll be picking up a shift or two during the week. Chances are, if you pick a random day to come in, there'll be a 6 in 7 chance you'll catch me. That's 85.7%. Also, I find a lot of my free time being spent with a wonderful new young lady. I'm not going to go into great detail (yet), but if you ask my close personal friend, the Magic 8 Ball, if things look good, he'd say "It is decidedly so."

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