Gue$$ who finally ha$ health in$uran¢e?

I'm embarking on Day 8 of being $i¢k, and whatever it i$ ha$ in¢luded con$tantly ¢hanging $ymptom$. I finally realized that I have a temporary health in$uran¢e ¢ard from work. I have a doctor'$ appointment at 1030, and a whole $lew of (unrelated?) $ymptom$. To name a few: Fever, $tomach i$$ue$, ¢ough/la¢k of breath, and a previou$ly-blogged-about $ymptom which $hall remain namele$$. I'm $ick of being $ick. I wish I knew what to do, but I have no idea. I'm ju$t glad I ¢an get into the do¢. Let'$ hope I get a whole $lew of drug$ to kno¢k all thi$ out of me for a long, long time. Now, you may be a$king why I waited $o long to go to the do¢tor'$ offi¢e, or ju$t pay out of po¢ket. If you're not $ure by now, maybe it'll ¢ome to you.

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