Hot Totty, anyone?

My throat's been killing me lately. Well, not so much 'killing me' as 'non-compliant.' I lost my voice, but I'm slowly regaining it. I was recommended (by the mom of one of my trombone students, no less) to try a hot totty before bed.

Before you ask, a hot totty is a hot beverage. Not a sex thing no one told you about.

Apparently it's a home-remedy for throat problems in her Missourian family, and she decided to pass it on to me. I've been wondering for years what one is, and now, in a stroke of luck, I learned that it's whiskey, lemon, and honey.

Wait a sec. It's a HOT drink. What is there to heat up? You heat the whiskey, and the booze is going to cook out. And I don't trust myself to heat enough honey and lemon to a thin enough solution to add booze to it. Just doesn't seem right. A quick google search yielded using hot tea. Eureka.

---Note: This drink knocked my ass out right in the middle of writing this blog. I'm finally getting back to it, 2 days later.---

Here's my recipe:

-One cup Tazo Calm Herbal Tea
-One tablespoon (or so) of honey.
-One slice of lemon
-One shot, Woodford Reserve Bourbon

So, steep a cup of tea (herbal, in this case), add a tablespoon of honey, squeeze a slice of lemon into it, then pour in a shot of whiskey. Drink it before it gets anything less than hot. I think by the time mine got slightly under warm, I passed out.

I don't know if it had any effect on my throat, but my voice is decidedly better.

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