Big Mac Attack

Earlier this week, my favorite radio show, Frosty, Heidi & Frank, was talking in depth about the McDonalds menu (podcast found here). This was Wednesday. It's now coming up on Friday, and I've had a fucking craving for some goddamn Mickey D's! See, for me, the time has to be right. I can't just get up and go. I gotta be coming home from some place, or don't have any meal plans. And I want to eat at home. As it stands, I get shut down every time. What's really bugging me is that wherever I'm at, there's no 24 hour McDonalds anywhere! When I lived in Anaheim, there was one in Orange I could always stop by after hanging with the guys, or on the way home from a closing shift. How is it that I live within proximity of three (THREE!) and none of them are open past 11.

Tonight, Ryan's old neighbor, Jason, had a poker game at his new place in HB. On my 230a drive home, I was on the lookout. I drove by 3 open Jack In The Boxes, 2 open Carls Jr's, an open Del Taco, and a Taco Bell open til 3. But no open McD's!!! I'm gonna have this crazy craving for 2 Double Cheeseburgers and a small (or medium) fry. McDonalds research execs, if you read this, PLEASE open a 24 hour store in Costa Mesa!


Last Monday, we went to the Huntington

Our second trip together, Dawn and I went to the Huntington Libraries to check out their newly opened Chinese Gardens. Here are some pics. More at Flickr.

The first one's here to give the scope of how many people there were that day.


Sad news... my iPod died.

The iPod I've had for the last 3.5 years has ceased to operate and its spirit has left this mortal coil. I attempted a jog the other day and it just stopped. I think I jostled it a little too much. We miss you, 4th Gen iPod. You've brought a lot of joy to my life, and you've certainly been there when I needed you.

In a beautiful turn of events, my dear Dawn had an iPod Shuffle she wasn't using (because she has an iPod nano), so she let me have it. It is awesome. I've loaded it up with a few songs, I've taken it out, and it's really easy to use. Me likey.

I will be repairing my old iPod through a service I've used once before with my PowerBook, called iResQ. I can't remember if I enjoyed their work, but it's a damn iPod. How can you fuck that up?



Tonight around 930, in a depressing turn of events, Brian K. Vaughan took his Cabal and blog, BKV.TV, off the internets. I found Brian's forum 3 years ago when I went looking on the DC comics board for discussions on Y: The Last Man. My first message board experience, Brian's board has been nothing but a positive influence for me. The first place I've ever made "internet friends," many of which I've met in real life, including BKV himself, who is an awesome guy in person. Over the last few years, I've found myself looking forward to getting home to answer replies, to post stories that happened to me, to see what interests over people with similar interests to me, and see what comics I should (and shouldn't) be buying. I've been lax with my posting over the last few months, but the community over there have genuinely cared for the things I have to say, and the things that happen in my life (I ended 7th in total posts, by the way).

Those with the fortitude to do so are planning an exodus to Tony Harris' board, which will open soon. I have joined my fellow Caballeros there, where a massive redesign is pending. I'll post the URL once it's open.

Thank you, BKV and all the Caballeros for all the time well spent talking about the things we all love.



I know it's insensitive, but...

I'm at the store, buying my beer, and I notice the magazine rack. I think I counted eight separate magazines with Heath Ledger on the cover. Eight. As soon as I take my camera to the store, I'll take pics. I'm sorry he died, but eight? Let the man die with some dignity.


I voted. Did you?

I never changed my address when I moved to Costa Mesa, so I'm still registered to vote in Anaheim Hills. I made the trek to that lucky garage that gets to be the polling place this year. There was a bit of a fiasco in that I registered as 'unaffiliated' but they had me as a democrat in their records. Once that was sorted out, I voted. How did I vote, you ask? Well here you go:

Prop 91, Road Tax: NO

If you looked at your info guide, you'll see that This Proposition is useless, due to previous legislature. The "Vote Yes" argument is "Vote No." What more do you need?

Prop 92, Community College Initiative: YES

The Teachers support this one. What more do I need to know? Support the teachers!

Prop 93, Term Limitations: NO

Lowering term limitations from 14 years to 12. Not a bad thing, right? Well, there's a serious loophole is the wording of this one that got my attention. If this one passes, then EVERYONE in a political office in CA will have 12 years until they're out of office. That's 12 additional years to whatever they have already. So if someone's in office for 13 years already, and 93 passes, they now have another 12 years in office before they gotta go. That's 25 years total. That's quite the loophole.

Prop 94, Indian Gaming 1, YES
Prop 95, Indian Gaming 2, YES
Prop 96, Indian Gaming 3, YES
Prop 97, Indian Gaming 4, YES

There's a lot of people upset by this one. Indian casinos get to add more gaming, which will channel more revenue into the state. They get to decide what percentage goes into the state, but how ever much the state gets, each Proposition will channel tens of millions of dollars per year into the State of California. The primary opposition to this one are Indian tribes who weren't able to get in on the deal, and Horse Racing tracks. Lets get our priorities straight.

President: OBAMA

Honestly, I don't much care for any of the candidates, but I like Obama batter than Hillary. But whoever beats McCain is ok in my book.

I stretched 'em last night.

Last night, after midnight, I took it upon myself to stretch my earlobes. I got tapers and new plugs off eBay last week (brand new, mind you). They came yesterday. For those that don't know, tapers look like long spikes. Two inches long or so, they start at a point, and they taper out for about an inch, to the size you're stretching to, then about an inch at at that size. I came into it with an 8 gauge (3.2mm) piercing, stretching to 6 gauge (4.1mm).

I was slightly concerned that they were gonna hurt like hell, or I wasn't gonna be able to stretch 'em because my lobes wouldn't be up for manipulation. I took the taper, and pushed them in lightly to the point they stopped. That's when I realized all the tugging and pulling on my lobes I've been doing over the last two months hadn't stretched them out adequately. I went to a stretching FAQ, and they said use a little lubricant, so I did. One taper lubed, I pushed it through my right lobe. It hurt, not quite like hell, but there was pain. I was surprised how easily it went in, tho. The tapers came with bands to hold them in place, so I put 'em on til I figured out what to do next. Then came the left one. This one hurt like hell when I got it pierced, so I figured it would hurt like hell when stretching. Not so much. It went in easier than the right ear. So I banded this one up too, and sat around taking the pain of my holes wanting to close to their previous 8 gauge size.

Now, I've seen people walking around with tapers in their head after stretching. I never understood that, but for some reason "monkey see, monkey do." I sat around for a while with these tapers in my head, wondering how long I should leave them in, or if I should sleep with 'em, or just what to do next. I checked that FAQ and they said the whole process should take a few seconds, or a few minutes at most. Feeling foolish, I went into the bathroom, butted my plugs against the back of the taper and pushed the taper through, leaving the plug in place. That was easy! Now they're in, they look good, and I have bigger holes than before. Pics to follow.


Quick post.

Now that I'm posting again, I'll try to do it more often (like I always say I'm gonna).

Today, in a nutshell:

Aikido was awesome.
Pho was awesome, too.
Gotta send in transcripts to CSUF.
Work meeting as soon as I can get there.
Bone lesson, then dinner with the folks (as long as there's no pork involved)
Gonna stretch my lobes from 8 to 6 gauge tonight.
Meet with the guys to talk SDCC.

Elaboration to follow.

Follow-up questions from Nick I.

Nick I. left some freakin' sweet follow-up questions to my last post, and I thought I'd show 'em off to everyone, and then answer them.


Wasn't this during the holidays too?

This was during the holidays. My surgery was on the 20th of December, and it took my recovery through Xmas and the 1st of January.

And how are you now?

I am great now. There's still some pain in the left kidney every now and again, since the stones were so big, but I'm in great health (as far as I can tell).

Did you get to keep the stones? Possibly like trophies?

The stones were shattered internally into a fine sand, which I passed via urine. There was no actual cutting into me to get the stones out.

And are you going to the Y party?

For those that don't know, The fine people at Meltdown Comics (In Hollywood) are having a Y: the Last Issue party to raise money for the CBLDF. I'd love to go, but I have to work at the restaurant that night =/


Because I never follow up...

I had surgery 40 (or so) days ago. Lithotripsy, remember? The surgery went very well, and I haven't dropped off the face of the Earth due to complications. The surgeon broke up two stones. One was 6mm x 8mm, the other, 8mm x 1cm. That's 'one centimeter' for those not paying attention. And they were literally on top of one another. It's my understanding that the big one was blocking the little one from dropping into the ureter. I left the surgery center, high on anesthetic, a bottle of vicodin in hand. Dawn took me home, got me food, and made sure I was comfortable enough to fall asleep if I needed to. I spent 5 days sleeping, pissing blood (in varying degrees), and staying stationary as much as possible.