Because I never follow up...

I had surgery 40 (or so) days ago. Lithotripsy, remember? The surgery went very well, and I haven't dropped off the face of the Earth due to complications. The surgeon broke up two stones. One was 6mm x 8mm, the other, 8mm x 1cm. That's 'one centimeter' for those not paying attention. And they were literally on top of one another. It's my understanding that the big one was blocking the little one from dropping into the ureter. I left the surgery center, high on anesthetic, a bottle of vicodin in hand. Dawn took me home, got me food, and made sure I was comfortable enough to fall asleep if I needed to. I spent 5 days sleeping, pissing blood (in varying degrees), and staying stationary as much as possible.

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Nick said...


Wasn't this during the holidays too?

And how are you now?

Did you get to keep the stones? Possibly like trophies?

And are you going to the Y party?

I think that's all for my follow-up questions