Big Mac Attack

Earlier this week, my favorite radio show, Frosty, Heidi & Frank, was talking in depth about the McDonalds menu (podcast found here). This was Wednesday. It's now coming up on Friday, and I've had a fucking craving for some goddamn Mickey D's! See, for me, the time has to be right. I can't just get up and go. I gotta be coming home from some place, or don't have any meal plans. And I want to eat at home. As it stands, I get shut down every time. What's really bugging me is that wherever I'm at, there's no 24 hour McDonalds anywhere! When I lived in Anaheim, there was one in Orange I could always stop by after hanging with the guys, or on the way home from a closing shift. How is it that I live within proximity of three (THREE!) and none of them are open past 11.

Tonight, Ryan's old neighbor, Jason, had a poker game at his new place in HB. On my 230a drive home, I was on the lookout. I drove by 3 open Jack In The Boxes, 2 open Carls Jr's, an open Del Taco, and a Taco Bell open til 3. But no open McD's!!! I'm gonna have this crazy craving for 2 Double Cheeseburgers and a small (or medium) fry. McDonalds research execs, if you read this, PLEASE open a 24 hour store in Costa Mesa!

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A Wanderer Once Again said...

Poor kid at the counter, happily asleep with drool, and you wake him for 2 double cheeseburger.