Follow-up questions from Nick I.

Nick I. left some freakin' sweet follow-up questions to my last post, and I thought I'd show 'em off to everyone, and then answer them.


Wasn't this during the holidays too?

This was during the holidays. My surgery was on the 20th of December, and it took my recovery through Xmas and the 1st of January.

And how are you now?

I am great now. There's still some pain in the left kidney every now and again, since the stones were so big, but I'm in great health (as far as I can tell).

Did you get to keep the stones? Possibly like trophies?

The stones were shattered internally into a fine sand, which I passed via urine. There was no actual cutting into me to get the stones out.

And are you going to the Y party?

For those that don't know, The fine people at Meltdown Comics (In Hollywood) are having a Y: the Last Issue party to raise money for the CBLDF. I'd love to go, but I have to work at the restaurant that night =/

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Nick said...

I'd ask you more questions, cause I'm actually kind of interested in this procedure, but your blog shan't serve as an answer service for me and my askewed interests.

I'll be in LA this Thursday through Saturday (leaving that night) so if you're free/want to get a bite/grab a drink, I'm probably going to be hanging out with Mike (Lagomorph) one or two nights. I was thinking of getting folks together after the Y party somewhere, but I was thinking that it may not work too well...

You're probably fully aware of this, but Comic-Con hotel reservations drop tomorrow at 9am your time.

Good to see you're all right. Another successful procedure!