I stretched 'em last night.

Last night, after midnight, I took it upon myself to stretch my earlobes. I got tapers and new plugs off eBay last week (brand new, mind you). They came yesterday. For those that don't know, tapers look like long spikes. Two inches long or so, they start at a point, and they taper out for about an inch, to the size you're stretching to, then about an inch at at that size. I came into it with an 8 gauge (3.2mm) piercing, stretching to 6 gauge (4.1mm).

I was slightly concerned that they were gonna hurt like hell, or I wasn't gonna be able to stretch 'em because my lobes wouldn't be up for manipulation. I took the taper, and pushed them in lightly to the point they stopped. That's when I realized all the tugging and pulling on my lobes I've been doing over the last two months hadn't stretched them out adequately. I went to a stretching FAQ, and they said use a little lubricant, so I did. One taper lubed, I pushed it through my right lobe. It hurt, not quite like hell, but there was pain. I was surprised how easily it went in, tho. The tapers came with bands to hold them in place, so I put 'em on til I figured out what to do next. Then came the left one. This one hurt like hell when I got it pierced, so I figured it would hurt like hell when stretching. Not so much. It went in easier than the right ear. So I banded this one up too, and sat around taking the pain of my holes wanting to close to their previous 8 gauge size.

Now, I've seen people walking around with tapers in their head after stretching. I never understood that, but for some reason "monkey see, monkey do." I sat around for a while with these tapers in my head, wondering how long I should leave them in, or if I should sleep with 'em, or just what to do next. I checked that FAQ and they said the whole process should take a few seconds, or a few minutes at most. Feeling foolish, I went into the bathroom, butted my plugs against the back of the taper and pushed the taper through, leaving the plug in place. That was easy! Now they're in, they look good, and I have bigger holes than before. Pics to follow.

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