I voted. Did you?

I never changed my address when I moved to Costa Mesa, so I'm still registered to vote in Anaheim Hills. I made the trek to that lucky garage that gets to be the polling place this year. There was a bit of a fiasco in that I registered as 'unaffiliated' but they had me as a democrat in their records. Once that was sorted out, I voted. How did I vote, you ask? Well here you go:

Prop 91, Road Tax: NO

If you looked at your info guide, you'll see that This Proposition is useless, due to previous legislature. The "Vote Yes" argument is "Vote No." What more do you need?

Prop 92, Community College Initiative: YES

The Teachers support this one. What more do I need to know? Support the teachers!

Prop 93, Term Limitations: NO

Lowering term limitations from 14 years to 12. Not a bad thing, right? Well, there's a serious loophole is the wording of this one that got my attention. If this one passes, then EVERYONE in a political office in CA will have 12 years until they're out of office. That's 12 additional years to whatever they have already. So if someone's in office for 13 years already, and 93 passes, they now have another 12 years in office before they gotta go. That's 25 years total. That's quite the loophole.

Prop 94, Indian Gaming 1, YES
Prop 95, Indian Gaming 2, YES
Prop 96, Indian Gaming 3, YES
Prop 97, Indian Gaming 4, YES

There's a lot of people upset by this one. Indian casinos get to add more gaming, which will channel more revenue into the state. They get to decide what percentage goes into the state, but how ever much the state gets, each Proposition will channel tens of millions of dollars per year into the State of California. The primary opposition to this one are Indian tribes who weren't able to get in on the deal, and Horse Racing tracks. Lets get our priorities straight.

President: OBAMA

Honestly, I don't much care for any of the candidates, but I like Obama batter than Hillary. But whoever beats McCain is ok in my book.


O Pechanga said...

You missed the mark on the propositions Jeff.

Getting our priorities straight, means not letting a tribe that violated the civil rights of it's people, that abused their elders and terminated 25% of their tribe, BILLIONS of Dollars. They said we were going to get $9 Billion, and that means they are going to get $50 BILLION. For 1800 people.

Luckily, I cancelled your vote out.

Your readers can check out: http://originalpechanga.blogspot.com for more information if they haven't voted yet.

A Wanderer Once Again said...

Damn skippy I voted!