Tonight around 930, in a depressing turn of events, Brian K. Vaughan took his Cabal and blog, BKV.TV, off the internets. I found Brian's forum 3 years ago when I went looking on the DC comics board for discussions on Y: The Last Man. My first message board experience, Brian's board has been nothing but a positive influence for me. The first place I've ever made "internet friends," many of which I've met in real life, including BKV himself, who is an awesome guy in person. Over the last few years, I've found myself looking forward to getting home to answer replies, to post stories that happened to me, to see what interests over people with similar interests to me, and see what comics I should (and shouldn't) be buying. I've been lax with my posting over the last few months, but the community over there have genuinely cared for the things I have to say, and the things that happen in my life (I ended 7th in total posts, by the way).

Those with the fortitude to do so are planning an exodus to Tony Harris' board, which will open soon. I have joined my fellow Caballeros there, where a massive redesign is pending. I'll post the URL once it's open.

Thank you, BKV and all the Caballeros for all the time well spent talking about the things we all love.


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