Sad news... my iPod died.

The iPod I've had for the last 3.5 years has ceased to operate and its spirit has left this mortal coil. I attempted a jog the other day and it just stopped. I think I jostled it a little too much. We miss you, 4th Gen iPod. You've brought a lot of joy to my life, and you've certainly been there when I needed you.

In a beautiful turn of events, my dear Dawn had an iPod Shuffle she wasn't using (because she has an iPod nano), so she let me have it. It is awesome. I've loaded it up with a few songs, I've taken it out, and it's really easy to use. Me likey.

I will be repairing my old iPod through a service I've used once before with my PowerBook, called iResQ. I can't remember if I enjoyed their work, but it's a damn iPod. How can you fuck that up?

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A Wanderer Once Again said...

Apple computer...God bless you!