Two Ay Em

That's what time it is now. I went to The Helm, a much-less-trashy-than-I-remember Costa Mesa bar (but still a motherfuckin' dive), to help celebrate a friend's bday. I had Beer, Jager, Beer, Jager Bomb, Beer. After a very calm walk home, I'm on an MGD to help get to sleep. Of course, I opened it 5 minutes ago and I have yet to drink even a little bit of it. Think my constitution is trying to tell me something? I've got an 8a rehearsal with the Orange County Mormon Orchestra tomorrow morning. We've joked about it for years, especially in college, but if you're jazz, you rehearse at night. Or at least after the morning. There isn't one iota of jazz in the very fiber of this group, which is why we're at 8a and not 8p. No one takes into consideration my late Friday night drinking. Bastards. So now I listen to Bob Marley on my iPod Shuffle (on shuffle mode, mind you) when I realize this is the second Bob song in a row. With all the songs I have, especially 25 Monk tunes, you'd think 2 sequential Bob Marley songs would maybe not happen. Not that I'm complaining. I love me some Bob lately. In any case, I need to go pick a movie to fall asleep to (hopefully). That shit didn't work last night with Empire Strikes Back. Maybe Return of the Jedi will have some help with knocking me out.

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