Behind the Times: More Cowbell

I check Kyle's blog out on a daily basis, because he always has some interesting shit on there. Today, he's got a link to a list of "The 50 Greatest Comedy Sketches of All Time." I checked it out. Saw some things I've never seen before. But the most embarrassing thing for me on this list is that I've never seen #50: The Christopher Walken SNL Sketch, "More Cowbell." Years of enduring people's jokes about "more cowbell," and I've never taken the time, nor had the interest to look it up, until just now. I watched it and I laughed my damn ass off. For me, when a pop culture joke is run into the ground, before I've even had a chance to see it, I'm over it. That was 'Cowbell' for me. It enters the zeitgeist, and gets overquoted and overused, and the potential to be funny goes away. Now that I've watched it, long after it ceased being popular, I love it. For anyone who hasn't seen it, here you go.

Does blogging about other people's blogs make me lame? Probably.

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