I've not kept up with my blogging duties lately. It's been a solid month since my last blog, and I just haven't found my muse to keep up with it. The recent future is going to be very busy and away from the computer, but just to keep everyone in the loop, here's the rundown of the next couple weeks.

This week, I'm packing to move out of my apartment and into a new one. Dawn and I are getting a place together right around where I live now. We get the keys on Thursday, and it's gonna be a mad rush of moving furniture and boxes from my place to the new one. Oh yeah, and get utilities turned on.

On Friday, my main man, Antonio is having the rehearsal dinner for his wedding, so I have to be in LA by 330, which means all my moving and getting ready needs to be done by 130 so I can get up there.

Saturday is Dawn's move. We're getting a truck and making the long haul from her place to the new place, and it all needs to be done before I go into work (probably around 5 or 6).

Sunday is Antonio's wedding. I'm to LA by 230 or so to hang with the groom & get ready for the 530 wedding.

Once the weekend is over, I'm on a mad dash to get my (old) apartment in pristine condition so we don't get any of our deposit taken out when the lease ends.

It's gonna be at least two weeks before I blog again. I'm gonna miss you all. bbs.

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