New look, same great taste.

So I changed it. There's gonna be some tweaking in the near future. I'm home from work, and drinking beer, ready to do something involving this fucking blog.


School Daze, School Daze...

I'm back to school. Day 3 of my 10-unit semester endeavor. It's gonna be a hard 16 weeks. I have to get in the shower now, because to park for my 10a class, I have to leave my house by 8. If I ever have time, I might change the look of this place...

we'll see.


They call it a 'cutthroat razor' for a reason...

For the last month, I've been using a disposable-blade straight razor. A Dovo Shavette is a straight razor with blades you can replace when they dull, instead of trying to sharpen & maintain a true razor. I've been on a shaving kick since Chris and Eric started wet-shaving (using lather & water, instead of electric shaving) with a double edged safety razor , more than a month ago (even longer for Eric).

I didn't want to use a double edged razor, because I just feel they're unsafe. I mean, they're called safety razors for a reason, but they're just not my bag. I'm more the kind of guy to jump in headfirst on a higher difficulty level, and make it look easy. The Shavette seemed like the easy way to start out. I get the experience of a straight razor for $35, without having to invest in a real straight razor (and all the accoutrement), plus a pack of disposable blades costs $8, with 20 blades in all. That's 20 fresh shaves per package. I bought soap & a brush, pre-shave treatment, & aftershave, too. My shaves were, on average, pretty good. There were days I wasn't able to get close enough for the baby's butt smooth shave, and there were days where I tore the shit out of my face. On most days, I'd nick or cut myself a couple times, but have a smooth, confident shave that I was proud of when it was all said and done.

I've been on BadgerAndBlade.com, trying to learn all I can about the art of wet-shaving. I've got my skill down with making lather from shaving soap, and I've been reading about what razors to consider buying as my first real straight razor. From what I've read, the Dovo Special from my previous post is to be one of the best starter razors for the price. For my birthday, Dawn got one for me. The site she ordered it from hones and strops their blades so they're shave ready. I bought myself a strop (a strap of leather used to maintain & clean the blade and keep it sharp). The strop came Saturday and the razor came today. I'm ready to shave.

Since I already had the basic shaving movements down, the shave with the Dovo Special went pretty smoothly. I was surprised at how easy the easy parts were (cheeks, middle neck), and how much more tricky the tough parts were (jawbone corners & jawline). My experience with a Dovo Shavette showed me that I really do like straight shaving, and it showed me how to go about shaving. I'm glad I went with the Shavette before a true straight, and I know I'll need to retrain myself to get a truly nice shave with the Special. This whole routine has been an enjoyable variation in my normal routine, though. If you've ever wanted to try shaving with a straight razor, and can commit the time to it each morning (or each evening), do yourself a favor and try something manly.


Happy birthday to me, muthafuckas!

I'm home from work, an hour after midnight. I spent my first hour finishing up my paperwork, because the Z was not a drama free environment tonight. I came home to my little family fast asleep. It's one AM, and even I should be effing asleep right now. But I'm on the post work unwind, two beers in, and feeling good. I've even got a little Futurama on. The ep where Leela meets her parents. It's a good one. And now, I'm off to beer.


It's only a day away... (b-day plans)

Tomorrow's the big day. Big birthday #28. I am officially an old man now. I'm not exactly sure what the night holds tomorrow night, but dinner, drinking, and possibly a movie are in the works. My morning and afternoon are booked, but plans will kick off probably around sundown. I'm thinking in the neighborhood of Katella & Main. More info to come.


Rule of Three

This weekend, two guys who truly I admired, died. Bernie Mac passed away Saturday of complications due to pneumonia. He was 50. Isaac Hayes died at the age of 65, found on the floor next to a running treadmill in his home. I can't even begin to explain the hours upon hours of enjoyment the two of these guys have given me. Bernie Mac, in Original Kings of Comedy, is one of the funniest acts committed to video. And how many times in our lives have we quoted from the theme to Shaft? Damn right. The world has lost two geniuses. Granted, I haven't seen or heard all of either of their bodies of work, but I respected them, and thoroughly enjoyed what I have seen.

Last night, Dawn & I were at our friends' place for dinner, and we were talking about Bernie Mac when the news reported Isaac Hayes' death. Her friend Nick commented about the Rule of Three and that it was good that there won't be any more celebrity deaths for a while, since there has been three. I asked who the third was and he replies, in all seriousness, "*Estelle Getty." "WhatWhatWhat?!" I reply. I contested that she isn't even in the same league as Mac and Hayes. We disagreed. Now, I really like this guy, but to lump Getty in with Mac and Hayes seems ludicrous to me.

*I hate to talk mess on the achievements on fellow Jew. Sorry, Estelle.


Long Tuesday

I went in to work at 9 today, thinking I'd be out by 4 or 430. The closing bartender called in sick with kidney problems (sound familiar?), so we had to shuffle the schedule to get him the night off. That meant a 12 hour day for Jeffrey. 9 to 9. Granted, 12 hours isn't all that much compared to some people. But you gotta understand: I'm lazy. It was an easy day, but I hit the wall somewhere around 330. A little food put me back on track, and a solid two hours in the well made me forget about how tired I was.

When I got home, Dawnie had a sweet stir fry cooked up (delicious!) and we watched a little TV. Now she's in bed, and I'm left to my own devices until I pass out. I'm working on a bottle of Moylan's Irish Style Red Ale (scroll down). It's pretty good, and it's helping me forget about the day.


Didn't I earn the right to stop taking tests 6 years ago?

As moot as that statement is going to be in 3 weeks, I've been up all night (sorta) taking this 'test' that the corporate entity of my job has asked all us bartenders to take. We have a new drink menu, and with it come new drinks, and the test consisted of copying the recipes off the study guide and onto the test. I managed to do it while sitting in our sweet-ass recliner, watching Unbreakable. Of course now it's 115, and I'm not entirely tired, so it's time to blog.