Happy birthday to me, muthafuckas!

I'm home from work, an hour after midnight. I spent my first hour finishing up my paperwork, because the Z was not a drama free environment tonight. I came home to my little family fast asleep. It's one AM, and even I should be effing asleep right now. But I'm on the post work unwind, two beers in, and feeling good. I've even got a little Futurama on. The ep where Leela meets her parents. It's a good one. And now, I'm off to beer.


Nick said...

Happy Birthday, young black.

Huge apologies too for not seeing you all that much this con.

Julie said...

Hey there LumberJeff!

It's been a long time, but I just wanted to wish you a great and happy birthday! I haven't forgotten you! (I'm just bad w/communicating nowadays!)