Long Tuesday

I went in to work at 9 today, thinking I'd be out by 4 or 430. The closing bartender called in sick with kidney problems (sound familiar?), so we had to shuffle the schedule to get him the night off. That meant a 12 hour day for Jeffrey. 9 to 9. Granted, 12 hours isn't all that much compared to some people. But you gotta understand: I'm lazy. It was an easy day, but I hit the wall somewhere around 330. A little food put me back on track, and a solid two hours in the well made me forget about how tired I was.

When I got home, Dawnie had a sweet stir fry cooked up (delicious!) and we watched a little TV. Now she's in bed, and I'm left to my own devices until I pass out. I'm working on a bottle of Moylan's Irish Style Red Ale (scroll down). It's pretty good, and it's helping me forget about the day.

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