Rule of Three

This weekend, two guys who truly I admired, died. Bernie Mac passed away Saturday of complications due to pneumonia. He was 50. Isaac Hayes died at the age of 65, found on the floor next to a running treadmill in his home. I can't even begin to explain the hours upon hours of enjoyment the two of these guys have given me. Bernie Mac, in Original Kings of Comedy, is one of the funniest acts committed to video. And how many times in our lives have we quoted from the theme to Shaft? Damn right. The world has lost two geniuses. Granted, I haven't seen or heard all of either of their bodies of work, but I respected them, and thoroughly enjoyed what I have seen.

Last night, Dawn & I were at our friends' place for dinner, and we were talking about Bernie Mac when the news reported Isaac Hayes' death. Her friend Nick commented about the Rule of Three and that it was good that there won't be any more celebrity deaths for a while, since there has been three. I asked who the third was and he replies, in all seriousness, "*Estelle Getty." "WhatWhatWhat?!" I reply. I contested that she isn't even in the same league as Mac and Hayes. We disagreed. Now, I really like this guy, but to lump Getty in with Mac and Hayes seems ludicrous to me.

*I hate to talk mess on the achievements on fellow Jew. Sorry, Estelle.

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