Can't Sleep. Clown'll eat me.

My dumb ass had 4-5 beers and a Manhattan at Dawn's friends' wedding reception this afternoon, chased by a cup o' coffee. The booze knocked my ass out as soon as we got home at 445. The coffee took hold during tonight's boggle session. Now I'm up watching Chris Rock's new special. I just learned tonight that Chris Rock is banned in our house. I don't think that's gonna last.

Tomorrow morning, we have to leave early to get to the breast cancer walk that I told Dawn I'd do with her. Her friend passed away from breast cancer last month. She was 34. It's for a good cause, and it's exercise. Too bad I'm only gonna get 4 hours of sleep (or less) beforehand.


Cello, my baby! Cello, my darlin'!

I just finished my cello final! I played an E Major scale (2 octaves) from memory, ascending. I went to descend back down the scale when she stopped me and said "your ascending was perfect, and your descending is atrocious. Let's move on to the song." I followed that performance with a rousing rendition of "She'll Be Coming Around The Mountain." Now onto string bass!


Making use of my time at school...

I'm here in the computer lab, thinking on what to work on between classes. I've got a paper due tomorrow on my conducting class notes. I also need to post to my online class discussion board, but that's not due til thursday. And now I've spent all my time blogging...

I'm in a weird mood right now. I ate at Carls Jr. for lunch. Not the best idea. I got a nice salad wrap yesterday, and a nice sandwich for dinner, so I justified the fast food. But all I saw were overweight people. A few thin athletes, but mostly lazy-looking people. Unfortunately, I came to the realization that I am no different from the people I saw. To some extent. I know I'm handsome and everything, but I could stand to eat there less times a month than I do (around once a week right now). I'll bring a sandwich or something tomorrow.

I had my String Methods class today. We're learning the cello right now. I practiced 10 major scales between last thursday and today, as well as little exercises from our All for Strings method book. I suck at cello. I think for someone that's been playing it for three weeks, I'm decent, but compared to the trombone, no bueno. I played in class today the B major scale (in two octaves), which is pretty hard on cello, the hardest scale in our classwork anyway, and I had to play exercises and conduct a mini-rehearsal. I may not be good, but I think I'm near (or at) the top of the class. Very few people put any real time in, and although I never intend to be a virtuoso, I've put in something like 3 hours over the last 2 days on the cello, not including class time, and it shows.

My brass class is at 1, and I'm attempting to learn the tuba. It's funny, I thought I would have an aversion to cello, and take to the tuba quickly. As it turns out, it's pretty much the opposite. I lovelovelove the cello (I want to buy one) but I can't wait to be done with the tuba.


4 weeks down (almost). 3 more years to go.

I'm nearing the end of my first 4 weeks back at school. I'm enrolled in 5 classes. I've got 3 papers due, I need to know 10 scales, competently, on the cello (with bow), I need to set up classroom observation dates with a high school, get my TB test cleared (by Friday), practice conducting, practice trombone, and read 4 more chapters for my class. All by Monday. Plus, I work 4 nights a week. Add a fifth night if you include my lessons night. Aikido has fallen to the Wayside. It's very sad =( I'm also waiting to see if I can add trombone lessons to my schedule. I'm fucked.


Big Sur Weekend!

Dawnie & I have been planning this trip for months now, and last Friday, two days ago, we finally managed to free up some time and drive up the beautiful California coast to Big Sur, Monterey, and Santa Cruz. I have dozens upon dozens of pics which I'll post whenever I have free time. Our trip was great. We were free from the shackles of our jobs and of school and whatever else wears us down day in and day out. It was such an amazing trip, I can't recommend enough that you take a drive up Pacific Cost Highway, Highway 1, until you hit Big Sur, get a campsite and set up camp. We had a tent cabin, by the way. The only way to fly, as far as I'm concerned. Now, Instead of doing homework, I'm blogging. I still have two chapters to read before bed.


Out the door!

Be back Sunday!