Making use of my time at school...

I'm here in the computer lab, thinking on what to work on between classes. I've got a paper due tomorrow on my conducting class notes. I also need to post to my online class discussion board, but that's not due til thursday. And now I've spent all my time blogging...

I'm in a weird mood right now. I ate at Carls Jr. for lunch. Not the best idea. I got a nice salad wrap yesterday, and a nice sandwich for dinner, so I justified the fast food. But all I saw were overweight people. A few thin athletes, but mostly lazy-looking people. Unfortunately, I came to the realization that I am no different from the people I saw. To some extent. I know I'm handsome and everything, but I could stand to eat there less times a month than I do (around once a week right now). I'll bring a sandwich or something tomorrow.

I had my String Methods class today. We're learning the cello right now. I practiced 10 major scales between last thursday and today, as well as little exercises from our All for Strings method book. I suck at cello. I think for someone that's been playing it for three weeks, I'm decent, but compared to the trombone, no bueno. I played in class today the B major scale (in two octaves), which is pretty hard on cello, the hardest scale in our classwork anyway, and I had to play exercises and conduct a mini-rehearsal. I may not be good, but I think I'm near (or at) the top of the class. Very few people put any real time in, and although I never intend to be a virtuoso, I've put in something like 3 hours over the last 2 days on the cello, not including class time, and it shows.

My brass class is at 1, and I'm attempting to learn the tuba. It's funny, I thought I would have an aversion to cello, and take to the tuba quickly. As it turns out, it's pretty much the opposite. I lovelovelove the cello (I want to buy one) but I can't wait to be done with the tuba.

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