Suspension of Disbelief

Not that I normally go in for this sort of talk, but apparently we have a ghost in our apartment. Now, aliens, Bigfoot, the Loch Ness Monster, Dracula, zombies, you name it, I probably have thought that it's real at some point, but I've never believed in the existence of ghosts.

Willy was in the second bedroom today with a chicken treat (his favorite), when he came out shaking with the chicken left in the room, uneaten. That's when Dawn laid the ghost story on me. She's known about our ghost for a while, but she didn't want to shake me up. I didn't believe her, because I don't believe in ghosts. But I trust her feelings, and Willy was visibly upset. He's not usually shaken up like that. He eats chicken like it's going out of style.

To see if I can make a difference in this situation, after Dawn left for work, I went in the room and talked to this ghost I don't believe in. I told him how if he doesn't want to be part of this family, he needs to find a new place to live, but if he want to be part of this family, he's welcome. I got some serious head to toe chills when I said that. My entire body was tingling for quite a long time. This was 30 minutes ago. I've still got weird chills. Maybe I'm just cold, but I'm dressed pretty warmly.

Now, I'm not saying I believe in ghosts just yet, but I'm certainly suspending disbelief for the time being.



First trombone lesson through CSUF this Friday!

In the air

I live near the pacific ocean, maybe 5 to 10 minutes from Newport and Huntington Beaches. Although not close enough to see the ocean, if the breeze is right, I get a nose full of sea air, and I remember why I love living in this place...

Irrational Fear of Zack

I have this irrational fear. I probably have blogged about it before, but it bears repeating. We just watched I Am Legend, and Will Smith spends his days (literally) protecting himself against these monsters that only come out at night. They remind me of zombies. I sometimes think that if I leave work at midnight, the mall will have a zombie or two in it, and they're trying to get at me. I've already figured out that if I can get to the knife shop on the floor above me and down a little ways from the restaurant, that I'll be able to get something to protect myself, like a sword, spear, or axe, or a gun hidden in a back office. But this begs the question, how do I get in the store without completely fucking myself, because if I break the glass, then I'm unprotected. That's not to say that if I shatter the glass, Zack won't immediately come running. Also, if there's a lot of zombies, and they see me, then they'll pour down both sides of the stopped escalators that I'd use to get up to the second floor. So I freaked myself out because I took my only escape route away. Then I remembered that, besides food and beverage, my restaurant offers roof access, reached only by a 20 foot ladder. So if they get in, I can still store the massive amounts of canned food in a place I can eat it. Too bad it's mostly gallon-size cans of creamed corn. But there is juice. These are the thoughts I think when I am left to my own devices. At least when I leave and I see the mall's cleaning crew, there are no zombies. Because if those guys are zombies, they're the best zombies at buffing a tile floor.


Gone are the blues

On are the... tireds.

As usual, Sunday has become my homework day, and I managed to stay away from it as much as possible. After watching Dawnie play softball, getting breakfast afterward, a trip to PetSmart, Trader Joe's, and Albertson's, I Am Legend, dinner, Game 7, and True Blood, I got my paper and midterm done. Now, Futurama is on. I've seen it already.

I'm still at odds with what to spend money on. I really want to get the Best Brass Warm Up Mute, since I could stand to blow a few notes right now, but I'm still curious to get a Nintendo DS. I think I'd get more use out of and spend my time more effectively with the warm up mute, which costs $110. Of course, Game Stop is offering DS's for $89.99 with a GameBoy Advance trade-in. This is silly. That's what Xmas is for. I think I'll send an email about the mute in the next couple of days.


The blues...

I've got a serious case of the blues right now. There's a dozen productive things I could be doing right now, and I don't want to do any of them. I'm thinking about doing what they call "retail therapy." I really want to buy something. I've been looking at buying a practice mute for my trombone. The one I want is $110, though there are other ones that come cheaper. Supposed to be well worth it. I'm trying to justify the idea that I could practice at midnight with it if I wanted to and not wake Dawn, Willy, or our asshole neighbors. I want a new mouthpiece, too. Also, I feel nauseated. Just came on. Now it's gone. Maybe it's cause I didn't sleep well last night. I dunno. I've been looking to buy frivolous crap, too. Nintendo DS, with games, is top on my list.


Violins beget violins

Just had my first violin lesson. I'm completely terrible. But I have two weeks to get great. Now on to trumpet...


Killing the curve.

My string methods teacher told the class that she was worried she wasn't grading our last test correctly, because there were so many 5's out of 10. Until she saw one student got a perfect score, 10 of 10. Then she realized (paraphrasing) that everyone else in the class was just dumb. I got the perfect score =) I aced my playing exam today, too. I'm awesome!

By the way, I also killed my tuba test.


At school with little to do.

I just had another written test in my string methods class. Cello & bass material. The playing test is on Thursday. I think I got an 'A' today, though I made one minor mistake. We'll see. Maybe I bombed all my string hand positions. My tuba test is in 2 hours and 15 minutes, and I'm not sure what to do in the interim, though practicing the tuba might be a good idea. Maybe some lunch...


Car hole woes.

I park in my garage.

I shut the garage door.

A hinge breaks.

My car is effectively stuck in the garage.

It's midnight.

I have things to do tomorrow.

I want to scream.


Rounding 2nd Bass...

The group string class I just had was a fiasco. My professor, who's teaching abilities leave a little to be desired, invited two observers from China into our class. They only speak Chinese. My professor speaks English and Korean. We've spent only one class meeting on the bass before today. At the onset of class, she announced that we would teach ourselves in a group lesson style, with the Chinese people observing how we're teaching each other. She assigned someone, but he turned it down, so I volunteered. She said I could bullshit as much as I want through a "lesson." Not a problem, I said.

I realized today that I'm the only person in this class that seems to take it seriously. I've practiced twice since our last class meeting, and it shows in my playing. Not that I'm any good in the grand scheme of bass playing, but I'm pretty goddamn good for having my hands on this thing for two days. My classmates (including my bass partner) told me that I set the bar too high for everyone else.

Here's where I thank Ryan and Luther for being friends with me. I think I learned bass from them, through osmosis or something.

I just don't get the people in this class. This class is only open to music education majors. Passing this class is needed to get a teaching credential, and no one really takes it seriously. It's frustrating. I've practiced three times since getting this bass, and it's coming as naturally as it can after only three or four weeks on stringed instruments. Someone in class suggested whoever got the highest score on the cello exam should teach today, then changed his mind when he figured everyone scored seven, or lower, out of ten. I got nine out of ten. I think I'm the only one with an A in the class.