The blues...

I've got a serious case of the blues right now. There's a dozen productive things I could be doing right now, and I don't want to do any of them. I'm thinking about doing what they call "retail therapy." I really want to buy something. I've been looking at buying a practice mute for my trombone. The one I want is $110, though there are other ones that come cheaper. Supposed to be well worth it. I'm trying to justify the idea that I could practice at midnight with it if I wanted to and not wake Dawn, Willy, or our asshole neighbors. I want a new mouthpiece, too. Also, I feel nauseated. Just came on. Now it's gone. Maybe it's cause I didn't sleep well last night. I dunno. I've been looking to buy frivolous crap, too. Nintendo DS, with games, is top on my list.

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