Gone are the blues

On are the... tireds.

As usual, Sunday has become my homework day, and I managed to stay away from it as much as possible. After watching Dawnie play softball, getting breakfast afterward, a trip to PetSmart, Trader Joe's, and Albertson's, I Am Legend, dinner, Game 7, and True Blood, I got my paper and midterm done. Now, Futurama is on. I've seen it already.

I'm still at odds with what to spend money on. I really want to get the Best Brass Warm Up Mute, since I could stand to blow a few notes right now, but I'm still curious to get a Nintendo DS. I think I'd get more use out of and spend my time more effectively with the warm up mute, which costs $110. Of course, Game Stop is offering DS's for $89.99 with a GameBoy Advance trade-in. This is silly. That's what Xmas is for. I think I'll send an email about the mute in the next couple of days.

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