Rounding 2nd Bass...

The group string class I just had was a fiasco. My professor, who's teaching abilities leave a little to be desired, invited two observers from China into our class. They only speak Chinese. My professor speaks English and Korean. We've spent only one class meeting on the bass before today. At the onset of class, she announced that we would teach ourselves in a group lesson style, with the Chinese people observing how we're teaching each other. She assigned someone, but he turned it down, so I volunteered. She said I could bullshit as much as I want through a "lesson." Not a problem, I said.

I realized today that I'm the only person in this class that seems to take it seriously. I've practiced twice since our last class meeting, and it shows in my playing. Not that I'm any good in the grand scheme of bass playing, but I'm pretty goddamn good for having my hands on this thing for two days. My classmates (including my bass partner) told me that I set the bar too high for everyone else.

Here's where I thank Ryan and Luther for being friends with me. I think I learned bass from them, through osmosis or something.

I just don't get the people in this class. This class is only open to music education majors. Passing this class is needed to get a teaching credential, and no one really takes it seriously. It's frustrating. I've practiced three times since getting this bass, and it's coming as naturally as it can after only three or four weeks on stringed instruments. Someone in class suggested whoever got the highest score on the cello exam should teach today, then changed his mind when he figured everyone scored seven, or lower, out of ten. I got nine out of ten. I think I'm the only one with an A in the class.

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