Case of the Wednesdays...

I got to school a little early today in an effort to warm up for the last conducting class before our exam on Monday. I got beat out on the last practice room by 30 seconds, and I don't feel like practicing outside for everyone to hear. Do all of you Anteaters out there remember when there were no practice rooms in the MOB, you could always use the old cement rooms in the original arts building? There were always plenty. Here at Fullerton, there's maybe 20 rooms, and they're always taken. I hate it. I think today is the determining factor on me buying that practice mute I've been pining over for the last month or so. It's the first one under Tenor Trombone Practice Mutes at the bottom of the linked page. I keep wanting to practice, but can't find the place to do it. I gotta order it today.

I've got 2 lessons today, down from 4, because of an all-district band pageant. Oy vey. PYLUSD is fuckin' with my money. I need to reschedule those 2 for tomorrow, which sucks, because Dawnie leaves for Costa Rica tomorrow night at midnight, but she has to be at LAX by 1030, so those lessons will cut into my time with her. Dilemmas, dilemmas.

By the way: Sunday, my house. Carne asada & beer. Count on it.

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