A couple things

Dawn is in Costa Rica, and I miss her terribly. Even though we don't see each other very often during the week, it's tough to be home alone when you're used to having your girl here. I was closing last night, and I didn't have anyone to talk to. It was kinda depressing.

There's a woman I've known for a while that comes into the Z regularly. She's a lesbian, and she was in with her partner last night. I said "Hey, Mary, how's it going?" "Good and bad," she says. For those that don't know, Proposition 8 passed in California last Tuesday. Prop 8 bans the already-legal right to gay marriage. Prop 8 is the worst thing that could happen in the struggle for equal rights. Anyway, I asked Mary if Tuesday's election was the reason she was upset, and she said yes, so I showed some sympathy and said I was sorry about the turn out. She then gave me a look like I was full of shit and said "yeah, right." I then told her that I voted no, too, so don't blame me. I'm all about equality, as you all know. She was surprised, for some reason, to find I voted no. Just because I'm straight, doesn't mean I don't want my gay friends to have the same rights as I do. It really bothered me last night.

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