Fire in the sky

We're having the fire of the decade here in Orange County. My parents and brother are safe, and as far as I know, and all of my local friends are safe, as well. I'm here at school, in the middle of the smoke cloud (though it's not as dense as during the weekend), and I can't seem to escape it. I'm in the basement of the library, in the computer lab, and it just looks hazy in here. Maybe it's not. My glasses could be really dirty (which has been known to happen), or the florescent lights are playing tricks on me, but it seems... gross everywhere I go on this ash-laden campus.

20 minutes to class, and I should be warming up, or finishing my weekly boring paper for my online class that's due tonight. But I'm blogging. I bought my parking pass for Spring 2009. $162 to park, which brings my total for the school year to over $300. Maybe I'll get lucky and have to take summer classes too, since it looks like all the classes I need will be full by the time I register this Friday, after everyone else.

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