Obama Wins!!!

Finally! No republicans in the big house for at least 4 years! Here's what CNN.com says:

It's a pretty fantastic turn of evens, in my opinion. I haven't been an Obama supporter since day one, but I definitely got behind him when it was him vs. Hillary. He's an intelligent, well-spoken, younger man. We need some new life and new ideas in the white house and I truly believe he's just the guy to make some great things happen.

I did my part.

I love living here in paradise, but I see things like this, and it breaks my heart into bloody, little pieces. Friends, equal rights are never a bad thing. There is absolutely no reason why Proposition 8 should pass. I realize all of the precincts have yet to report, and I hope Prop 8 gets shot to shit by the morning.

And a little something to change the mood...

When the hell did gas get so low in price. It seems like just this last summer, gas was well over $4. How does gas drop $1.5 per gallon in 3-5 months?

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