Remember when rainy days used to be great?

It's raining now. I remember as a kid, when it would rain really hard, my mom would let me stay home from school. Seeing as how it barely rains in Orange County, these were quite the treat. So I'd spend the day at home, playing Super Nintendo, or Playstation. It was great. Today, it's me & Willy. And I don't really have the luxury of playing video games all day. Nothing's hooked up. I've actually got things to do today, and I don't want to pull my car out of the garage. When it rains, there's literally a stream of water that flows off the roof right where the latch to my garage is. It's not as bad as Monday was, when it looked like someone took the hose and ran it down the roof. But there's still constant flow, which cramps my style.


Anonymous said...

you suck Bring Back the x

Jeff said...

Suck my nuts. Live with the change.