1st hour back at school

I thought the atrocities of the parking structure and bookstore would be too much to bear, so I got here very early. An hour ago. Found a covered, non-roof parking spot, I bought my books, I got the info about a class I may have to take on Wednesday nights, and I have 30 minutes til class starts. I am bored already.

I thought I might have to take more classes than I'm currently enrolled in, including class piano (CSUF's standards are way beyond UCI's), and Music & Child Development. I should take that one, but it'll screw my Wednesday nights completely, so I'm undecided. We'll see. I'm enrolled in 9 units right now, and that seems like a cop-out compared to last semester's 10 units. Piano is another 2, and that other is 3 units, which would take me to 14. That seems like a lot, especially with working 5 days a week. But I chose to go back to school. Friends, it looks like I'll be a hermit for another 5 months. Sorry. Except maybe Aikido on Fridays...

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