All you (I) need is...

Kinda got into it with a security guard tonight. My way out of the mall was locked up, so I had to go a different way. I couldn't drive out the way I normally do, either. Granted, it's the wrong way, but there's never any cars at midnight. He, in his SUV, stopped me, so I got frustrated and (intentionally) squealed my tires, turning around to go the "right way." He tried to pull me over. Remember: security guard, not police. I didn't pull over. I went home. He kept pace until the TBN compound, when he turned around. Our night has come full circle. I was pissed when I got home. Dawn left a Reese's Peanut Butter Cup on the table for me, and Willy was happy to find his best buddy. A little love was nice to come home to. Now, I've officially mellowed out to a little Flight of the Conchords, though I think a beer is in order. My first since my kidney stone.

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