Bored out of my gourd.

If this is how this semester is gonna go, I'm going to go crazy. My conducting class ended early by at least an hour, which gave me a 2 hour and 15 minute break. I burned 15 of it thinking I only had an hour until my next class. Oh, no. 2 hours. I registered for the school gym, ate lunch, read, and I'm blogging again, because I want to just curl up and fall asleep, I'm so bored. It'll be nice when I actually have homework to do, cause I can work on that stuff when I have breaks, or when I buy workout pants and shoes, I can go do that. Or maybe even practice trombone. I need Willy to get a video phone so I can play with him over the camera on the school's Macs, which I am now taking pictures of myself with. That solved the boredom issue for a few minutes.

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