For the first time, I passed a kidney stone today.

It started as little more than dull pain and discomfort around 930a, and slowly got worse by the time the pain was in full effect at 1p. I can't describe the pain well, except it feels like someone punched me and never took their fist away. I went to work, thinking the pain would go away, and it never did. I said to the managers on duty that I was in excruciating pain and needed to leave, and they were compliant. I'm glad I didn't get out of there a minute later than I did. I called the doctor and was displeased with the amount of help I received from them.

"Well, Doctor isn't available now. Can it wait for tomorrow?"
"How bad is the pain?"
I was at back and forth between 2 (out of 10) and 5 this morning. Now, it's an 8 and rising.
"Oh, ok. Let me take some notes and get them to the doctor. Call back in 45 minutes.

30 minutes, I thought I was going to pass out (but never did) from the pain. I called the doc, who got on the phone right away. Told me my two options were to do go to the hospital, get an X-ray or CT scan and pass the stone, or pass the stone myself and call the doc and tell him what happened. I decided to go with the hospital. My dad was here (at my request) so he took me, and I was doubled over in the car, moaning and groaning in pain. We pulled up to the emergency area, I stepped out of the car, and the pain went away. Are you kidding me? 4 total hours of slowly-building agony to not even be seen by any nurse? I felt like a liar. The triage nurse was nice. It was the concensus that my stone had passed and staged itself for urination. I was in the ER bed, and they asked for a urine sample. When I went to fill it, my stone dove for freedom into the room's toilet. It sank like a... well... and I fished it out with latex gloves and put it in a sample cup.

The stones that were broken up during my lithotripsy two Decembers ago were 10 mm x 8 mm, and 8 mm x 6mm. This one was significantly smaller. 2 mm x 2 mm. Maybe 3 mm x 2mm. According to the staff, that was a HUGE stone. I didn't think so, but it hurt like Hell and fucked up the first 1/2 of my day.

I'm home now, and I'm fine. A little worn out, though. The beautiful Dawnie PP is cooking a delicious comfort food dinner for me. Pasta & garlic bread. Stoked!

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