Guess who has a 4.00 GPA now? Me!

In my frustration about my 'A-' in the online class this semester, I emailed my professor, just to see how far away I was from a true 'A.'

Subject: EDSC 320 Grade (quick question)


I earned an A- in your class with 362 out of 390 points, which is 92.8%. If you don't mind my asking, how far away was I from an 'A,' without the minus?

I just received this reply:

Jeffrey- Sorry for not getting back to you sooner- I wanted to investigate a few things. First of all my apologies- you should have earned an 'A' not an 'A-.' Anything below 360 earned an 'A-.' With that said I have submitted all of the paperwork for a grade change and it should go through within the next week.

Thanks for understanding and calling this to my attention. I wish you luck and success in the spring semester.


I'm so stoked! This is my first semester ever with straight A's! And if I wasn't so pissed off about missing a 4.0 by nine tenths of a point, I would have never known.

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