97.1 FM Changed Format Yesterday

In a devastating maneuver to save money, the new owner/program director of 97.1 changed format from talk to Top 40 yesterday at 5pm. Over Thursday & Friday, all the shows were saying their good-byes, Adam Carolla, Frosty, Heidi & Frank, Leykis, & Tim Conway Jr. I've been a loyal listener to all of those shows, and that station as a whole since 2002, so 7 years after I became a fan, the plug gets pulled.

I got in my car last night after work expecting to hear the inane jabber of the usual Friday night talk show (I still love it), when I was surprised to hear I wanna make up right now now now by Akon. It's about as good of a song as the title suggests. If you haven't heard it, go to iTunes as soon as you're done with this blog. If you blow your brains out after hearing it, I wanted you to at least have read this blog first.

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