If anyone has a tenor sax they aren't using...

Why, oh why, didn't I learn saxophone from Justin when I lived with him? I have to learn Tenor for my woodwind class, and the instrument I have from school is a piece of junk. I'm going to see if I can trade it in today for a better one, or at least get it tuned up. I'm hating it less than I initially did, but it's still frustrating. Who the hell would play an instrument with so many variables that literally affect EVERYTHING?! Reed thickness, reed quality, reed age, mouthpiece, pad sealing, pad quality/repair, spring action, neck angle, cork repair, amount of mouthpiece in mouth, ligature (holds reed to mouthpiece).


That, and a box of reeds costs almost as much as a middle of the road mouthpiece for trombone ($45 @ ABI). Reeds also have a finite use, that is to say, they need to be replaced every so often. Also, you buy a box of 10 reeds, maybe 2-3 are usable, maybe 1-2 of those are great. The rest are trash. Literally 70% of the reeds you buy, you can't use due to quality. If I spent $120 on a trombone mouthpiece, I'd have it for the rest of my life, and it'd be fantastic!


klaribu said...

Heh heh. . .welcome to my world!!! :P

Jeff said...

Julie! Are you a pro yet?

I don't know how you do it, Julie. This whole woodwind business is pretty complicated. A sax player in my conducting class went through all 5 of his reeds in his reed case trying to find a good one. I kept watching him, trying to figure out what the problem was.

I've got the school's sax in for repairs with a local instrument repairman. Probably the best instrument guy in OC, if not CA altogether. The school's taking it in and paying for it, and I should have it back by the time I'm in class tonight. The low Bb isn't speaking, and it jumps either an octave or a 13th on the low D (It does both, I just don't know which one it's gonna do until it does it). Hopefully it'll be aces when it comes back to me today.

klaribu said...

Hey Jeff! We def need to talk on AIM sometime! Well I did finish school awhile back so I guess I am kinda pro now. It's just weird to think about.

But I feel you for the reeds. You know though, it also depends on the brand you're using. I myself use Vandoren for everything, (and that has a limited success rate depending on the specific type) but I've heard recommendations for Rigoti reeds for both quality and price. Check it out if you like and then let me know! ;) Good luck and I hope to ttys!!