Red Sox opener postponed for Passover?

I don't know if the story is true, but it's a good one, nonetheless.

Uncle Harv forwarded this to me via email:

Red Sox Opener Postponed For Passover

Red Sox General Manager Theo Epstein, announced that the Boston Red Sox home opener will be postponed to April 14, to avoid the eight days of Passover. He noted that because three of his starters were also Jewish, as were many of his box seat holders, he was forced to make this change in scheduling.

The non Jews in Boston are enraged at Epstein's decision. The protests are being tendered to the Commissioner of Baseball's office in protest; however, Bud Selig, Commissioner of Baseball, will not be able to address these protests, mainly due to a scheduling problem caused by the family Seders he and Mrs. Selig will be attending.
Also unable to attend the opener, were former Vice-President, and Mrs. Al Gore, who will be unavailable to be at the opener, as they will be attending the Seder at Al Gore's son-in-law's home.
Bill and Hillary Clinton, also at Seder at the home of their daughter's "steady."
Further, former Mayor of New York City. Rudy Guiliani, whose wife will be busy preparing their Seder will also not be in attendance at the "opener."

I'm so proud of my Jewish people!


David said...

I was forwarded this too by a Jewish relative...but it sounds ridiculous.

Let's see... all the reasons this doesn't make sense:

1) The Red Sox are playing games on both April 8th and April 14th -- or they haven't updated their official schedule on the web. Figuring the games are only a few months away, I would think this should have been done already.
2) There are zero, yes, zero articles about this on the web when searching for this information.
3) Jewish "box seat holders" -- well, that's very vague, as are "several complaints from fans."
4) "Several" complaints by fans? -- really, I looked for them, but they certainly didn't talk to the media.
5) Bud Selig couldn't address the issues simply because he'll be at family seders? -- Does that make sense? (Also, note the plural of 'seders' -- will he really go to more than one that night?)
6) Al and Tipper won't be able to attend? -- were they planning to? Really?
7) Bill and Hillary can't attend? -- are they Red Sox fans? They live in New York -- Yankee territory. No senator from New York will ever publicly support the Red Sox -- it simply doesn't make sense.
8) And Guiliani -- the ex-mayor of the Red Sox biggest rivals? -- why in the heck does that even matter if he can't attend? He never would!

It sounds like this email should have been called -- "Hey, Look At All the Important People That Are Jewish or Are Some How Remotely Related to Jews (and Baseball)."

It was a fun email to read -- but even more fun to debunk. :-)


Jere said...

Yes, this is the type of thing anyone who's ever followed baseball or has any common sense at all sees as immediately a poorly-executed hoax.