Week 2 of Semester 2

Last week, I was completely overwhelmed with what I need to get through this semester. Now that I've made it through the first week, I think I've got a handle on it. I spent every available minute yesterday working myself to exhaustion (literally) to get my homework done for my nighttime class last night. I came home from work Sunday night at 1030 and spent a solid 90 minutes with Dawn. Some of the only time we had to spend together during the week, by the way. At midnight, when she went to sleep, I began one of my several paper due, which I fought til 2 am to get a start on. I fell asleep with my laptop on my lap, and forced myself to go to bed at 2. At 6, I woke up to a sick puppy. Willy's having some kind of stomach issue right now. So up at 6 and class til 8pm, with no breaks. Now that I got through it, I think I can handle it. I just need to get my work done for Wednesday. Which is a lot.

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