$927.25 later...

I knew I needed brakes, I knew I needed an oil change. I'm driving home yesterday and three idiot (gauge) lights come on (I should've taken a picture). The manual says "Take your Scion to your dealer" for all three lights. God. I get there, and they tell me I'm due for air filter, spark plugs, oil, and major service. I bring up the gauge lights, she says "we have to run a diagnostic. That's $94." The service guy calls me and says "Your cam sensor A has failed. We have the part. It's $690." Brakes are $210. That's $900 so far. All the little things in addition to those two take the total to well over $1000. I pleaded with the service guy to help me with the price, and he lowered it to what ended up being $927.25. Just enough to max out my credit card. But my car is well. I can stop and I can drive. That's all I need. They even washed it. How nice for me.

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