Friday To-Do List (w/ update!)

I'm trying to get my head together about what I need to do today. Here's the rundown:

  • Study for MUS 353 Midterm
  • Memorize National Standards for Music for above
  • Memorize 19 Principles of Effective Instruction for above
  • Pull the forest of weeds in the backyard
  • Take Willy for a real walk
  • Clean second bedroom, including all the laundry
  • Buy guitar strap (and apparently, a bunch of other crap)
  • If sax reeds don't work, buy two more (they're fine)
  • Begin movement lesson assignment
  • Possible trip to the library to help with the above
  • Begin to get ready for work at 2-230


So I got most of this stuff done. All except the most important, time-consuming things on it. All-in-all it was a good day yesterday. The backyard looks completely different with all the weeds pulled. I should've taken pictures.

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