Monday Midterms

I had an essay style midterm today that I couldn't study for all weekend, because my dumb ass left my book & study guide in my school locker. I got to school early enough today, went to the library and jammed on my study guide. The test ended up being nearly verbatim to the study guide. I was stoked! I managed to knock it out in an hour or so, and got out of class 90 minutes early.

Unlike at the beginning of the semester, I have priorities now, so when I have big break, I can find something productive to do. Conducting class has been a pain in the ass lately, because we're working on Dvořák's Serenade for Winds in D Minor, Op. 44., Mvmt. II I'm having way more trouble with conducting than I did last semester. It turns out everyone's having trouble. It's just that everyone's trouble is completely different. Mine is I can't hear the melody when it moves through the ensemble. I thought I did well on the first exam but I got a B. My first grade below an A in that class this entire year. Anyway, my professor recommended to me that I listen to a recording of this until I can follow the melody from instrument to instrument.

With all my free time today, I got myself a practice room, loaded up my iPod with Serenade for Winds, and went to work. I think I listened to it something like 20 times in succession. I've got what I perceive to be a better handle on it, but I went into the Movement I exam overconfident and didn't get an A. We'll see.

Now it's blog time. I've got a nice little break before percussion class. And my afternoon soundtrack is The Low End Theory. I'm in a pretty good place right now. If only I could get the ceiling to change color...

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