I should be aspleep. I managed to get on an opening shift tomorrow. My first sanctioned opening in almost 18 months. I'm stoked. I've gotta bring the kitchen guys some donuts to celebrate when I go in at 830. Also, I figured out the lesson I'll present for my Music & Child Development class Wednesday night. And now that my favorite thing on TV is the Travel Channel, I've got the Monday night Tony Bourdain's No Reservations marathon on. I love this show. More so than Man v. Food, because this Bourdain guy gets into some serious adventures. Ninety-five percent of the things he does/eats on that show, I want to partake of, too. That other five percent involves pork. Even then, If no one was looking, I'd eat things I'd never share with anybody... But my biggest triumph of the night is that I freed an ingrown hair that's been plaguing me for too long. I'll spare the details, but I feel a strong sense of accomplishment. So, it's Miller time Negra Modelo time.

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