Waterproof iPod?

My iPod Shuffle, dubbed "Ampersand," the one that Dawnie gave to me nigh on 18 months ago when we started dating, has gone through some turmoil. I lost it for about 4 months, when I stuffed it in the ol' xB glove compartment one day after school. I found it, and I've been using it at and for school. It's been a great help to learn the most recent piece for conducting class. I've been taking it to work, too, just to have some music for the final 45-90 minutes of closing paperwork, depending on how waylaid by actual management I get. I brought it home the other night, forgot to take it out of my pants, and washed said pants early the next day. I realized this morning what I had done, and fished it out of the pile of dry clothes still in the dryer. The low battery light came on, and my computer recognizes it, and the songs still on it. I have yet to actually listen to it, but I'm hopeful that it officially works.

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