Totally, completely, and excruciatingly late.

I've been sleeping funny. I imagine I am, anyway, because it's so difficult for me to get moving in the morning. Today, I skipped breakfast because of it. I held lunch off an extra two hours today, too. I got back home at 245, lightheaded, burrito & comics in hand, and I vegged out for 75 minutes. I meant to leave at 4. I left at 415 and realized I needed to get gas. I got to my 445 class at 505. The doors were locked. The room was dark. They were watching a video. I go to every single class meeting. The only time I've missed any class this semester was when Chris' mom went to the hospital. Which is more than I can say for nearly all of my classmates. If I was to be locked out of a class, then this was the day to do it. I'm gonna go get a naked juice, chill out, and practice recorder for class tonight.

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