Trombones (and mouthpieces) are expensive!

Not that I'm in the market for a new trombone, but I'm always lookin'. The $3200 bass trombone I was dreaming about over three years ago is now over $4000. Damn inflation. I've got the itch for new gear, as if my new practice mute wasn't enough new shit. It's time for a new mouthpiece, for both bones, I think. My Conn 88H & King 3B are due, and as much as I hate changing gear, I've only been on the same basic mouthpieces for 10 and 13 years, respectively. Maybe when the semester's over, I'll indulge a little bit. I kinda want a new case, too. It's neat to see all the cases of the gear-crazy kids at school. If I'm gonna buy something, I want to see it in action.

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