Goodbye, 1st year back at school

The second semester of my first year back at school is over! I've got two in the can. I think my GPA is gonna be solid this semester, almost as good as last semester. At my worst, I think I've gonna have some "A-minuses" sprinkled in with my "A's." There may be one "B+." I'm on the cusp of an A- in conducting. I feel like the rapport I have with my professor is going to have to pull me through to the A-. Woodwind methods is the same between an A- & an A. Anyway, here's my predictions for the ol' report card:

Conducting: A- (or B+. Hopefully not.)
Literacy: A+
Instrumental Music Materials: A
Music & Childhood Development: A
Woodwind Methods: A (my actual grade is 91.9%, A-. 92% is the A)
Percussion Methods: A

Let's see how the next few weeks unfold with these.



I love being smart!

If only all of my other grades looked like this...


five down, one to go

I just now turned in my Public School Instrumental Music Materials final. Let the record show 1140 as my in time (gotta love post time editing) The deadline was 9 am tomorrow morning, but why bust ass to get out early when I don't need to? My next final is Wednesday night, which means I have all day Tuesday off. Just me and the boys. Hopefully we can get some serious nap time in.


Like Ma Bell, I got the Ill Communication

What a fucking Saturday. Last night, in the midst of my mad, drunken tweeting frenzy, I passed out. My last thought before falling asleep was "I really should get a blanket..." I didn't. At 6 am, I woke up freezing with the shitking of all sore throats. Somehow, I managed to teach two lessons, only to feel worse and worse throughout the morning. Dawn & I grabbed lunch afterward. I thought a little spicy Thai curry would do the trick. I was wrong. I think being white is a detriment to ordering spicy Thai, by the way. The waitress asked me if I want the spiciness at 'medium.' I told her to go well past medium. Frankly, I had a death wish: I wanted to burn. But, alas, I didn't burn. It wasn't hot enough.

When we got home and I got ready for work, my nose began to run. Work was miserable, if only by the fact that I felt like shit over the whole shift. Since I had no time to get to the store to get some Alka-Seltzer Cold, I bought Day-Quil at the newsstand, knowing that it is ineffective on me. My 8 hours felt like 16. We were slammed tonight. Of all the nights to be busy, right? Anyway, I got through it. There were some issues with the money I had to figure out. Or, I'm so lagged from feeling crappy that I just took forever. It was 1230 by the time I clocked out. I was reading a couple of required-reading articles for my final on Monday, and the door to the structure was locked. I kicked it and want back downstairs and made for the elevator.

The clock in the car said 1242. The gas gauge warning light was on. And I had a runny nose. It was 1258 after a trip to Sav-on for Alka-Seltzer, and a trip to the gas station for a fill. I'm now falling asleep on the couch, just like last night. I'm tired like a motherfucker.


I hate repeating myself, but...

I love scotch. Scotchy, scotch, scotch.

(from nearly 4 years ago...)


Almost there...

The finish line is in sight. I finished my 10 week curriculum project ahead of schedule at 345 this afternoon. It's due at 730 tonight. My finals have all been easy, so far. Monday, we had a team project that ended up being our final, my woodwind final was fairly straightforward. Hopefully my prof will see it in his heart to move my 91.9% 'A-' up to a full fledged 'A.' My percussion final literally took me three minutes, and I didn't to play rudiments like everyone else. I was 15 minutes late, due to traffic, and he was pretty understanding about it. That's three finals down. Next Monday, I have a conducting final at 12. My final that is supposed to happen that night is now a take-home final. He said he's going to assign it this weekend, which sucks for me, because of work. We'll see how that plays out. Then I just have one more on Wednesday night at 730 pm, and I'm finished with my first year back at school. Finally...


My first spam!

My first real, honest-to-goodness lottery scheme spam! How exciting! The 'xxxxx's' are my doing. The rest is for real!

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Engaged!! =D

In case you haven't heard, I proposed to the beautiful Dawny (!!!) on Saturday at Angel Stadium, around 145 in the afternoon. We ran for a home run, and I popped the question back at home plate! We are officially fiances. Or is it fiancees? All I know is our little family is fantastic and I'm crazy in love with this redheaded woman!

Pics from Saturday to come.


Odd use for Holst's 'Jupiter'

This commercial is like the act blending chocolate & peanut butter itself.